Brief Introduction

About the Department

  • The department of DERMATOLOGY, VENEROLOGY & LEPROSY provides tertiary care to the patients for all types of dermatological problems.

  • The department is recognized by the MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA

  • The out-patient department functions via OPD-1, located on ground floor of OPD building.

  • Separate sterile space for OPD based procedures is available.

  • OPD based procedures done on a daily basis

  •   Platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss and acne scars ,

      Cryotherapy for warts/corn/skin tags/keloids,

      Punch biopsy for confirmatory diagnosis,

      Subcision , dermaroller and fractional CO2 laser for acne scars,

      Chemical peels

      Electrocautery for warts etc are done on a daily basis.

  • Patients requiring indoor management are admitted in WARD-18 located near Sahyog MRI center in the hospital campus.

  • Syndromic management of sexually transmitted infections and counselling of patients is done through OPD-7B.


     Dr. Jatin Chauhan has been awarded SECOND PRIZE for his presentation of Award paper during 9th Mid year annual conference of IADVL.

     Dr. Priyanka Gulwani won 3rd prize in Free paper category for the paper titled: MYCETOMA AT A TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL: HISTOPATHOLOGICAL APPROACH IN DIAGNOSIS OF CAUSATIVE ORGANISMS in Annual conference of Dermatopathology Society of India.

     Dr. Vimal Sangam presented poster that was selected in Top-6 E posters of E-CUTICON annual state conference 2021. Poster title: PORPHYRIA CUTANEA TARDA MIMICKING HANSENS DISEASE.

    PG Intake Capacity - Total 04 + 01 EWS
    M.D Skin VD (DVL) 04 seats


    Sr No. Name Designation Email Id
    1 Dr. Sejal Thakkar  Professor & Head
    2 Dr. Hiral Shah Associate Professor
    3 Dr. Nipul Vara Associate Professor (H.G)
    4 Dr. Mukesh Rathwa Assistant Professor
    5 Dr. Sonal Patel Assistant professor


    6 Dr. Nikita Patel SR
    7 Dr. Sanya Narang SR
    8 Dr. Vimal Sangam SR
    9 Dr. Kesha Patel R2
    10 Dr. Mudra Shah R2
    11 Dr. Snehal Gohel R2
    12 Dr. Nayan Prajapati

    13 Dr.Ajay Ninama  R1
    14 Dr. Poonam sarvaiya  R1
    15 Dr. Janki Gol  R1
    16 Dr.Priti Rawat  R1
    17 Dr.Vishva Marvaniya  R1
    18 Dr.Nisha Miyatra 

    19 Dr. Dhruv Chauhan 




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    • For Postgraduates:
    Regular PG teaching is carried out through various modes:

    o   Daily routine beside teaching
    o   Weekly long and short case presentations on Tuesdays.
    o   Journal club/ reading Thursday afternoon
    o   Weekly topic discussion through presentations- Friday afternoon
    o   Interactive interesting case discussion during OPD hours
    o   Weekly clinic-pathological correlation by reviewing histopathology slides- Wednesday afternoon.
    o   Grand round- twice a week.
    o   Clinical demonstrations- daily.




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