Physiology deals with the understanding of mechanisms and functions ranging from cells to the organ systems. The department of physiology was started in the year 1949 when the medical college was established to start the MBBS course. The department has evolved as a PG department since 1973, and offers MD Physiology, M.Sc. and PhD. Medical physiology programs.

The Department also imparts knowledge of physiology to various Para medical courses including F.Y.B. Physiotherapy, B.Sc. nursing and Lab technicians.

Faculties are involved in research in applied human physiology since long. Special areas of research interest are Autonomic function tests, Sleep physiology, Nerve conduction studies, Pulmonary function tests, Exercise physiology, Treadmill stress testing, and Physiological effects of yoga.


Name of officer Designation Mobile no E-mail ID
Dr.Varsha Joshi Professor & Head 9687501271
Dr.P.A.Gokhlae Professor 9825308825
Dr.R.K.Patel Associate Professor 9898019076
Dr.A.N.Joshi Associate Professor 9924025599
Dr.Shruti J Shah Assistant Professor 9409029979
Dr.Sudha L Parmar Assistant Professor 9879257475
Dr.Bhavna Shelot Assistant Professor 9925045043
Dr.H.M.Patel Assistant Professor 9879627858
Dr.Bijal Shah Assistant Professor 9426337547
Dr.Hansa Parikh Assistant Professor 9998974453
Dr.Shahin Dabhoivala Tutor 7567487436
Dr.Divya Dashora Tutor 9825249116
Dr.Lajja C Patel Tutor 9825755708
Dr.Asha B Vagadiya Tutor 9974908557
Dr.Prashant Rajdeep Tutor 9898589674
Dr.Shaesta Samol Tutor 9033344986
Dr.Deepti Thakur Tutor 9227426335
Dr.Steffy C.D. Resident(R1) 9512803573


Non-Teaching Staff Name of Person Designation
1 Mr.Piyush Tadvi Lab.Technician
2 Mrs.Damini Pandya Lab.Technician
3 Mrs.Vibuti Bhave Clerk
4 Mrs.Sumanben Solanki Class-4
5 Mr.Suresh Jadhav Calss -4


Courses offered

·         MD Physiology

·         MSc (Med) Physiology

·         PhD (Med) Physiology

Department currently enrolls 3 MD and 5 MSc Students per year.

Research Publication

S.No Authers Article Name of journal, Vol no, Page no, ISSN/ISBN No (if applicable)
1 Chavda S.A
 Parmar S
 Trivedi R.S.
Pathophysiological basis of Hematological profile of Dengue Fever.  International Journal of Basic and applied Physiology. IJBAP Vol5(1);2016
2 Patel L.C
Patel R.K.
HBA1C-Predictor of early peripheral neuropathy in asymptomatic cases of Diabetes Mellitus.  International Journal of Basic and applied Physiology. IJBAP Vol5(1);2016
3 Thakur D Oommen.E.R. Air conditioner users are more prone to respiratory problems.  International Journal of Basic and applied Physiology. IJBAP Vol5(1);2016
4 BhaktiP. Gadhavi, Jayesh D. Solanki, Hemant Mehta, Chinmay Shah, Pradnya  Gokhale , Amit Makwana   Lung transfer factor in middle aged asymptomatic Male Smokers of a city from West India: A cross-sectional study .  Journal of clinical and diagnostic research 2016 Mar, Vol-10(3).
5 Patel V
Patel J
Vagadiya A
 Solanki A.
Role of 2D echo cardiography as predictor of pulmonary hypertension.  International journal of research in Medicine. IJRM Vol5(1); 2016
6 Patel J
Patel V
 Vagadiya A.
Comparative study of serum uric acid during normal pregnancy and pregnancy induced hypertensive women.  IJRM Vol4(4); 2016
7 Thakur.D.A, Oommen.E.R, Pathak.A. Effect of examination stress on physiological and psychological parameters.  Journal of international research and publications in medical sciences,IRPMS,;1(3)64-68.oct.2015.
8 Patel L.C.
Patel R.K.
A study of effect of moderate anemia on WBC count in adolescent females.  IJRRMS (Indian Journal of Research and Reports in Medical Sciences) ISSN-2348-2303 Jan-Mar 2015
9 Amit H Makwana, Jayesh D Solanki, Pradnya A Gokhale, Hemant B Mehta, Chinmay J Shah Study of computerized spirometric parameters of traffic police personnel of Saurashtra region, Gujarat, India .  Lung India Vol 32 Issue 5 Sep=Oct 2015
10 Jayesh .D.Solanki, Amit H.Makwana, Hemant B.Mehta , Pradnya A.Gokhale & Chinmay J.Shah Hypertension in type 2 Diabetes mellitus: effect of disease and treatment on development of peripheral artery disease  Int J Diabetes Dev Ctries March 2015
11 Christian S.B, Parmar S, Trivedi R.S. Effect of hyperglycemia on renal function in type-2 diabetes mellitus patients.  5 International Journal of Basic and Applied Physiology IJBAP,Vol4(1) 201
12 Poorey k, Oommen ER, Goyal L. Effect of sub-maximal exercise on airway mechanics in young healthy volunteers contributors.  International journal of research in medicine (IJORIM)
13 Rajdeep PL, Patel RK. Simulated Diving-To elicits human diving response on healthy participants and to record cardio-respiratory changes on laboratory basis.  LAP LAMBERT 2015Academic Publishing
14 by Dr. Unmesh S Dave, Dr. Pradnya A Gokhale, Dr. Chinmay J Shah, Dr H.B.Mehta Early diagnosis of asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease by ankle brachial pressure index method in smokers  IJBAP, Vol3(1) 2014
15 Jayesh D Solanki, Amit H Makwana, Hemant B Mehta, Pradnya A Gokhale Evaluating glycemic control and its correlation with peripheral artery disease in ambulatory type 2 diabetic patients of an urban area of Gujarat, India  International journal of Clinical and experimental Physiology/ Jul-Sep 2014/Vol1/Issue 3
16 by Pritesh Hariprasad Gandhi, Hemant B Mehta, Ashish V Gokhale, Chetab B Deasi, Pradnya A Gokhale A study of cardiac autonomic modulation during pregnancy by non-invasive heart rate variability  measurement International journal of medicine and public health/OCT-De 2014/Vol 4/Issue 4
17 Christian S.B, sChavda B, Trivedi R.S, Parmar S, Sonara.A, Panchal B. Effect of BMI on pulmonary function tests in young adult.   International Journal of Basic and Applied Physiology IJBAP,Vol3(1) 2014
18 Jivani P, Panchal B, Parmar S, Mehta N, Savaliya C, Sonara.A. A comparative study of effect of P. Falciparum and P. Vivax malaria on platelet count.  International Journal of Basic and Applied Physiology IJBAP,Vol3(1) 2014
19 Parikh.H.N, Patel.H.M, Pathak.N.R, Chandwani.S. Effect of yoga practices on respiratory parameters in healthy young adults  NJIRM 2014; vol.5(3) may june
20 Rajdeep.P.L, Patel.R.K. Patel.D.K. Heart rate change of healthy volunteers in a simulated dive experiment.  IJMSPH 2014; vol3 (8)
21 Shah SJ, Patel HM. Effect of examination stress on parameters of autonomic functions in medical students.  International journal of science and research. IJSR vol3(7).2014
22 Morker B, Patel R, Rajdeep P. A comparative study of Autonomic functions between the patients of Diabetes Mellitus and controls.  IJBAP vol.2(1). 2014




  1.  Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in school children.
    (Principle investigator; Dr. M.B. Jani , Co-investigator; Dr.Bijal Shah)

  2. To design an air flow control system for the student’s spirometer to overcome its drawback and to make it more easy and accurate to operate.
    (Principle investigator; Dr. RK Patel, Co-investigator; Dr. Prashant Rajdeep & Dr. Ketaki Poorey)

  3. Use of Physiological gaps response to design a system which overcomes the efforts in performing pulmonary function test.
    (Principle investigator; Dr. Prashant Rajdeep, Co-investigator; Dr. RK Patel & Dr. Elvy Oommen)

  4. To compare the resolution between, the different colors (imparted after using gelatin paper in front of source) of light and traditional methods (focusing using tube light as source) of focusing simple compound microscope. Principle investigator- Dr. Prashant Rajdeep; Co-investigator- Dr. Rinkesh Chaudhari (MBBS) & Miss. Kinjal Parmar (3rd year student).


Ongoing / Completed Research as part of Dissertation

1. Effects of pre-examination stress among medical students.(Dr. Deepti Thakur)
2. Comparison of pulmonary function test in physically active and sedentary elderly subjects. (Dr. Jitendra Bamrotia)
3. Physiologic assessment of interrelation between waist circumferences, BMI with eco-cardiographic parameters. (Miss Hiral Panchal
4. Cardiovascular response to exercise and determination of cardiovascular fitness (Dr. Ekta Khurana)
5. Immediate effect of exercise on airways. (Dr Ketaki Poorey)
6. Autonomic function tests in male current tobacco smokers and non-smokers. & Pulmonary function tests in male current tobacco smokers and never-smokers. (Dr. Asha Vagadiya)
7. A study of Neutrophil to Lymphocyte ratio in anemic adolescents. & Nerve conduction velocity in newly diagnosed hypothyroids. (Dr. Lajja Patel)
8. Comparative study of ankle brachial pressure index in male smokers and age matched non smokers. (Dr. Mahesh Gadhavi)
9. A comparative study of autonomic function test in hypertensive and normotensive subject.(Dr Diksha Yadav)



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