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The Department of General Surgery, Medical College Baroda provides tertiary level care to surgical patients attending S.S.G.Hospital Baroda. It also forms the backbone of the level-2 trauma centre that is being developed with the support from the Government of India. The department is recognized by the Medical Council of India for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The outpatient department operates from OPD-4 located in the common OPD building. The indoor admissions are made to wards C-1, C-2, and C-3, C-4, D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4 and E-4 wards, located in the New Surgical Block. The Departmental office is located in the Ground Floor of the New Surgical Block. The department provides treatment to the patients from Vadodara city and Vadodara district. It also receives patient referral from the adjoining districts of Central Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.



• Department of Surgery has 8 surgical Units. Each Unit has one admission day (OPD and Emergency) and two operative days per week.
• Teaching faculty : 2 Professors, 8 Associate Professor and 15 Assistant Professor.
• Resident Doctors : Junior Resident-57, Senior Resident -12
• Total Teaching Beds available -240, Service Beds -90
• There are separate wards for female and paediatric surgical patients.
There is a separate 24- bedded burns ward with separate cubicles exclusively for burns patient under the Department of Surgery housed in Ward E-4.
• There are 14 well equipped operation theatres. Of them there are 2 operation theatres each for laparoscopy and emergency surgery exclusively.
• One 35 bedded Surgical ICU is available for critical patients equipped with ventilators and multipara monitors in the Ground floor of the New Surgical Block. 





No. Faculty Designation Mail id
1 Dr.Mukesh Pancholi Professor and Head
2 Dr.D.K.Shah Professor
3 Dr.N.J.Shah Professor (HG)
4 Dr.Adeesh Jain Professor (HG)
5 Dr.Samir Kacheriwala Professor (HG)
6 Dr.Sandeep Rao Associate Professor
7 Dr.Anis Vohra Associate Professor 
8 Dr.Ritesh Patel Associate Professor
9 Dr.Osman Belim Associate Professor
10 Dr.Ankur Kothari Associate Professor
11 Dr.Sushil Damor Assistant Professor
12 Dr.Mihir Shah Assistant Professor
13 Dr.Jagrut Patel Assistant Professor
14 Dr.Hardik Makwana Assistant Professor
15 Dr.Abhay Audichaya Assistant Professor
16 Dr.Digant Patel Assistant Professor
17 Dr.Anurag Yadav Assistant Professor
18 Dr.Manoj Vasava Assistant Professor
19 Dr.Hardik Parmar Assistant Professor
20 Dr.Manish Bariya Assistant Professor
21 Dr.Milind Patil Assistant Professor
22 Dr.Himmat Nisarata Assistant Professor
23 Dr.Ashwin Kankotiya Assistant Professor drashvin31@gmail.cpm
24 Dr.Akash Kherana Assistant Professor
25 Dr.Kartik Agarwal Assistant Professor
26 Dr.Ujas Patel Assistant Professor



Plastic Surgery Department
Dr Shailesh Soni  Asso Professor  Drsksoni1985@g, 
Dr.Sruja Nanola Asso Professor  Sruja. 




NO Faculty Designation Mail id
1 Dr.Ankit Shah Assistant Professor
2 Dr. Parth Modi Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Vinay Rohra   Senior Resident


















PG Teaching Schedule


Monday Death Audit /
Guest Lecture/
Departmental Meeting
Tuesday Journal Presentation   
Wednesday Seminar   
Thursday  Case Presentation  
Friday Case Presentation  



                                                                UNIT WISE STAFF COMPOSITION

Unit OPD Day HOU Assistant Professors OT days Wards
A Monday Dr.Mukesh Pancholi Dr.Digant Patel Tuesday DX3 (Male)
(Professor and Head) Dr.Ujas Patel  Friday DX1 (Female)
Dr.Ankur Kothari       
(Associate Professor)      
B Tuesday Dr.D.K.Shah Dr.Sushil Damor Wednesday DX2 (Male)
(Professor) Dr.Mihir Shah Saturday Dx1 (Female)
C Wednesday Dr.N.J.Shah Dr.Abhay Audichya Monday Thursday DX4 (Male)
(Professor HG) Dr.Manoj Vasava DX1 (Female)
D Thursday Dr.Samir Kacheriwala Dr.Anurag Yadav Tuesday CX3 (Male)
(Professor HG) Dr.Kartik Agarwal  Friday CX1 (Female)
E Friday Dr.Adeesh Jain Dr.Milind Patil Wednesday Saturday CX2 (Male)
(Professor HG) Dr.Hardik Parmar CX1 (Female)
F Friday Dr.Sandeep Rao Dr.Jagrut Patel Wednesday CX2 (Male)
(Associate Professor Dr.Ashwin Kankotiya Saturday CX1 (Female)
G Saturday Dr.Anis Vohra Dr.Hardik Makwana Monday CX4 (Male)
(Associate Professor) Dr.Manish Bariya Thursday CX1 (Female)
H Saturday Dr.Ritesh Patel Dr.Himmat Nisarta Monday Thursday CX4 (Male)
(Associate Professor) Dr.Akash Kherana CX1 (Female)








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